About York Caving Club

History of the club

York Caving Club was founded in 2009 to provide a means for the growing non-student caving population of York and the surrounding areas to pursue all aspects of the sport. Since then we’ve had some excellent trips (see some of our reports) including longer trips to Wales, Ireland and Montenegro. The club has now grown from the five founding members, but remains small enough to be welcoming, while still being very active in both sporting caving and new exploration.

Why should I go caving?

Caving is a great community of people, brought together by the desire to explore the unknown and feed their sense of adventure. For some people caving is about the people you meet and the fun times you have together, both above and below ground. For some it’s about the sport, the exercise and the personal challenge. For others it’s about enjoying the experience of going somewhere that very few people ever go and seeing the world beneath out feet. For most cavers however, it is all these things. No matter what club you become involved with, caving will provide you with friendship and a pursuit that can last a lifetime.

Objectives of our club

We are an active club open to new members of all ages and backgrounds. We offer our members the chance to get involved with regular caving events and socials and to pursue all aspects of the sport including new exploration.

YCC has a constitution that all members are required to abide by. It sets out our objectives, equal opportunities and club structure. You can download it here: yorkcavingclub.org.uk/about/constitution

What kind of events do we run?

We run frequent caving day trips to the Yorkshire Dales and Peak District, and regular camping or bunk-barn weekends in the Dales, Wales, Mendip Hills and the Forest of Dean. We also run at least one short holiday each year which have so far included County Clare and Montenegro. We have frequent pub meets around the York area (contact us if you would like to come along and meet us).

What gear does the club own?

The club owns ample equipment to run all UK caving trips. All the equipment is available for members to borrow throughout the year.

What links do we have with other caving clubs?

We have strong links with the York University club (YUCPC), and several of our members are current or former members of the student club.

We are involved in several digging projects with our neighbouring club, the North York Moors Caving Club (formerly Scarborough Caving Club).

What digging projects do we have?

Many caving clubs are involved in trying to discover new caves. You may have read about the discovery of Excalibur Pot (Descent 202) by us and the North York Moors Caving Club. We are involved with several digging projects in the North Yorkshire Moors and we believe that there’s much more to this area than meets the eye. We are always short on manpower, and therefore all members are welcome to come along and get involved.

How do I get involved?

Click here to be directed to our membership page. Or you can just contact us.

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