22 September 2016

Diving in Bogg Hall

Read the full report by John Dale at:

6 April 2016

Glass Trap - building the dam

More digging at the Glass Trap tonight including building of a dam to help control water down the shaft. It seemed to work fairly well but a few tweaks are needed.

Watch the video here:

24 March 2016

More progress at the Glass Trap

Excellent night digging last night. The team of three YCC members and three NYMCC members hauled a lot of buckets out despite some setbacks of some of the wall slumping and the failure of the hauling bike.

We're now down to some solid looking limestone. Is it the top of a shaft? Only more digging will tell but it's nice to finally get some good looking water warn cave after digging down several meters.

See the Facebook page for some photos:

15 March 2016

New version of the Excalibur / Jenga survey

A lot has happened since the last version of the servery in July 2014 with the Excalibur and Jenga caves finally connected making an epic through trip!

Surveying was completed some time ago but due to other projects we've only just got around to getting the thing finished. It's now been printed and just needs to be proofed ready for final production.

We've not done a lot more work on the Excalibur / Jenga system in the last few months as our attention has been drawn away on new projects but there are plans to return to some unfinished areas this summer.

6 May 2015

YCC visited the Mendips

A team of five cavers headed down from York, joined at the Shepton Mallet club hut in Priddy by three more, for a superb weekend.

We had trips into Thrupe Lane Swallet, St Cuthberts Swallet, GB Cave and the highlight being two trips into Reservoir Hole to see the magnificent Frozen Deep. Thank you to our two leaders. Photos of many of these trips are available on the website. We even had time for a cheese and cider festival! We plan to make this an annual event so keep the early May bank holiday free next year.

1 March 2015

Excalibur and Jenga connected!

Following weeks pursuing the immenent connection, a team headed down Jenga Pot on Saturday 28th February to the large chamber just beyond the boulder choke, where a visual connection through a slot in the floor had been noted the previous Wednesday. After three hours of digging the connection was made and we exited via the Secret Dig, cold, tired but feeling rather pleased.

The combined system length is estimated at 2.5km and a trip from Jenga to the Excalibur main streamway and then out via Excalibur seems likely to become notorious (and not something most groups would ever do twice).

16 December 2014

CNCC Newsletter

The newsletter covers all the latest updates and changes that have taken place over the last year as well as planned future changes. It's good to see so much positive work happening to benefit northern caving. Please give support to your CNCC - there are officer positions available for anyone who wants to help.

Download the newsletter here:

27 August 2014

Hidden Earth stall confirmed

As Hidden Earth is a bit closer to home this year we're having a stall again. There'll be loads of details about what we've been up to as well as journals and surveys for sale. If you live around the York or North York Moors area, come and have a chat with us. Anyone is welcome to come along to our digs or just sporting caving trips all over the UK.

The new Excalibur survey will be entered into the survey salon so please vote for us if you like it. Voting slips are in the program you get when you arrive.

22 July 2014

New Excalibur / Jenga Pot survey out now!

Fully updated for 2014 with several new discoveries since the 2009 version, most notably the addition of Jenga Pot and Screek in Excalibur.

Surveyed by York Caving Club & North York Moors Caving Club to BCRA Grade 5d. The Excalibur / Jenga Pot survey shows around 2.5 km of cave passage and is laser printed on A0 120gsm.

The survey can be supplied either folded in a rigid A4 envelope (which will fit through a letterbox if you're not in) or rolled in a postal tube if you don't want any creases.

You can buy it from the online shop at:

14 April 2014

Descent article

Nice double page spread in the current Descent magazine (237) on our recent North Yorkshire Moors discoveries.Titled "A Game of Rocks", they have done a fantastic job of it. You can buy a copy from and is well worth a subscription.

14 April 2014

Website revamp

It's been a long time in the pipeline but the new YCC website is now live! Featuring a more streamline interface, faster back-end and compatibility for desktops, tablets and mobiles.

Other bits will be added over the coming months (and probably bugs found).

11 March 2014

Congrat's to Matt on becoming CNCC secretary

At the recent CNCC AGM, our very own chairman has been appointed as secretary of the Council of Northern Caving Clubs. This is a pretty complex and often thankless job so we wish him the best of luck in taking the CNCC forward this year. He will continue to be chairman of YCC and hopefully still has time to go caving!

If you have any CNCC related questions or suggestions, see the website: or email Matt directly:

10 December 2013

Jenga exploration continues

Over the summer, work has focussed on surveying, and on navigating a route through the dodgy boulder choke at the northern extreme of the cave. The survey shows this to be only 35m from the very end of Excalibur Pot, and the howling gale emerging offers good hopes of a connection between the two caves with would produce a 2km+ system!

In November the entrance through The Slops (a low wet 20m sandy crawl, until then the only route into Jenga from the bottom of the entrance series) was blocked following substantial flooding, and was in desparate need to digging back out. Given that this was likely to happen every time the cave flooded, a better idea was to use the survey to identify a dig which could lead to an alternative, all weather route into the cave, bypassing The Slops and allowing for the first time people to reach the far extremes of Jenga with dry feet! At the start of December, after only two sessions digging in a straight line to cut the corner off the cave, we were successful!

With access restored, a few passages remain to be surveyed. This will be done this week to allow the survey to be drawn up over Christmas. Meanwhile the boulder choke has been re-engineered using a combination of techniques and has been stabilised with scaffolding. Rumour has it that it may just be a matter of weeks (and a few more scaffold bars) before it is ready for someone to make their way through and into the enticing black space beyond. These are exciting times to be a North York Moors digger, with the hopes of an Excalibur-Jenga connection, and better still, the possibility of more stomping passage in the area between the two caves beyond the choke.

25 July 2013

Big Discovery in North York Moors

Watch this space and upcoming issues of Descent magazine for more information.

24 January 2013

More progress at Jenga

After six months of digging and mining down a new rift in Jenga, things are looking extremely promising, with a howling draft! We have now mined down to a total depth of around 20 m in Jenga, about the same depth as the Excalibur main chamber, although cave at Jenga is likely to lie at around -25m at least due to the north south dip of the limestone, so we must be getting close. The new rift drafts so strongly, unlike several of our previous digs, and appears to be the path of sinking water. Black voids keen tantalising us, and we can now see at least a few metres further down in the rift. Our only problem at the moment is some big (really big!) boulders hanging over us, which are currently held back by some scaffolding. Digging down is easy through stream cobbles, but for ever foot we dig down, another foot of debris slides in from below the big boulders, causing them to make an uneasy murmering noise. It's still slow progress but with every evening offering great potential, and just in time for spring. We feel like we could drop into cave at any time!

24 January 2013

Looks like a busy year for YCC!

2013 looks set to be another great year for YCC, with several first class digging projects and a superb mixture of caving and mine trips. Not only have we got Jenga to continue digging (see the separate news article) but we also have some great leads up in the Northern Dales to work at along with our friends in NYMCC. We are well overdue a big discovery! We have weekends planned to North and South Wales, the Peak District, the Forest of Dean, Scotland, the Yorkshire Dales and loads of day trips too, and some fine mine trips.

9 November 2012

Northern Dales Exploration

YCC and NYMCC members had a day prospecting in an area in the Northern Dales. Lots of new and exciting leads found! Watch the website for further news. A return trip is planned next year for a full on dales expedition!

4 July 2012

New hole appears in Hutton Beck!

During an impromptu digging session at Jenga, members of NYMCC notice some water from the approaching flood, sinking down a new hole in the streambed just upstream of Jenga. A phone call to all diggers ensued and there was a full turnout, but by the time everyone had arrived, the river had flooded over the top of the new hole, which by now the water had enlarged to considerable proportions. A whirlpool appeared around the new hole, indicating it's significant ability to sink water, and apparently it consumed the entirety of the flooding river for some time before succumbing to the water. Initial estimates place this at 40-60ft deep, and it looks like this new hole, which is only 30 m upstream of Jenga Pot, is likely to be part of the same rift as that in Jenga. Perhaps this will provide a back door into the Jenga Pot master system? A first descent will need to wait until drier weather though.

8 May 2012

Return to Jenga

After several months of absence we have resumed digging at Jenga Pot, this time down yet another new rift, somewhat more stable than the last. A very strong draft rises from a tiny fissure going down several foot, however, the rift above the fissure is extremely narrow and considerable mining is going to be necessary to gain greater access. This is likely to keep us busy for the next couple of months at least.

9 March 2012

Digging ongoing at Manor Vale

The rift leads downwards in the west cave, and now drops approximately 6m to a choke of cobbles. It can be seen to continue downwards for another few meters at least, and a draft is occasionally felt. The dig is warm, dry and inviting, and only one minute drive from a pub!

4 February 2012

YCC's energetic weekend in Wales!

Traveling down on the night of Friday 3rd February, staying at the Whitewalls hut, we spent a very snowy Saturday in Aggie, with one team taking a trip along to the Music Room, and another heading off to do the Inner Circle via Coal Cellar Passage. After the unpleasantness of Coal Cellar Passage we decided to carry on round and do the Outer Circle instead! This was just a warm up however for a 11-hour trip to Medusa's Children, in the far reaches of Ogof Draenen, a spectacular series of formations. For full trip reports see our Trips and Reports page.

17 December 2011

YCC and NYMCC Christmas meal

Keeping with tradition our Christmas meal this year was at the Crown Inn at Hutton-le-Hole. We spent the day with a leisurely trip to Blood windypit (a surprisingly enjoyable and entertaining place) and a spot of digging at Manor Vale, followed by 8 hours in the pub with great food and beer. Many thanks to The Crown for looking after us!

15 December 2011

Back to Manor Vale

Following the winter rain, Mutton Butty is now too sloppy at the bottom to be enjoyable and Jenga Pot is having its annual flush. A new winter project was required and Manor Vale Cave has come to our rescue. A new rift on the west side of the valley is potentially quite interesting and seems to drop several metres.

27 November 2011

Guinevere’s Slit dived again

This dive proved more successful after enlargement of the entrance, and a generally lower water level. Approximately 75 m of line reel was laid in mostly spacious sump, but the way on now requires negotiation of a boulder blockage. The concern is that with the flow of water so high, progress on the return journey through the boulders may be difficult.

13 November 2011

Guinevere’s Slit dived

After hearing about Guinevere’s Slit at Hidden Earth, Scoff (BPC) and Dave Ryall (CDG) came for a recce dive of The Slit on 12th November, finding spacious sumped passage but with water levels too high for extensive exploration.

26 September 2011

MSG Hole sealed

After a night of storm force winds we suspect the fence surrounding MSG hole collapsed. Several sheep then followed eachother down resulting in a major rescue operation. Several sheep unfortunately did not survive and understandably the landowner has capped the entrance with a huge metal board. Access is, regrettably, no longer possible.

14 September 2011

MSG Hole survey complete

Surveyed by Matt Ewles, Gary Douthwaite and Laura Bennett. A trip to the end of MSG Hole and back takes a good couple of hours and is a superb sporting trip, one of the finest, longest and deepest in the North York Moors. The complete survey can be purchased from our shop. Digging has failed to reveal any obvious continuations at present.

18 July 2011

Digging at Mutton Butty

A new pothole has been excavated near Appleton-le-Moors. This stands at approximately 6-8 m deep, and with solid fluted walls suggesting it may be a fossil sink. A suspected draft has been gained however it is unclear whether this site offers any potential.

7 May 2011

Excalibur Pot re-opened

Following a weekend of work, the entrance to Excalibur Pot has been repaired, and further work has been performed to reinforce the outer and inner walling of the entrance shaft to protect it from further flooding. Jenga Pot has also had a new lid installed and the outer walling built up higher to protect it from flooding. Thank you to the CNCC for funding the work on Excalibur.

6 May 2011

York and Scarborough Scaffolding Club?

Digging in the eastern rift of Jenga Pot is still ongoing, with great depth bringing greater hanging death. Extensive scaffolding is being erected down this new rift in hope that it will allow further progress. A good draft continues to rise from the floor of this rift. However digging is off now until after the winter floods have dislodged debris.

5 May 2011

MSG Hole surveying and exploration

Surveying commenced by YCC members Matt Ewles and Gary Douthwaite in conjunction with digging and further exploration by members of the North York Moors Caving Club. At the end of April the big rift was descended after bolting and found to be one of the finest pitches in the North York Moors, leading through several further large rifts and chambers, including two pitches up requiring the use of a telescopic aluminium extension ladder! MSG Hole terminates at a huge chamber (Straw Chamber) with some impressive decoration. Beyond here the windypit closes down although with some hope for digging.

1 May 2011

Bogg Hall and River Dove survey

After four very cold and wet sessions over the last year, YCC members Matt Ewles, Gary Douthwaite and Nick Warburton have completed the re-surveying of Bogg Hall Rising and the River Dove. The survey can be purchased from our shop or by contacting us.

20 April 2011

Damage to the Excalibur Entrance

The entrance to Excalibur Pot has been vandalised and requires repair work.

6 March 2011

Discovery of MSG Hole in Ryedale

A new windypit has been discovered in Ryedale by members of the North York Moors Caving Club. It is estimated at 100-200m long and 25m deep with some fine formations and cavernous chambers. This is a major discovery for the area!

14 December 2010

Digging at Dowson Pot

With even T’une Mouth now being too cold and sloppy to accommodate Tuesday night digging, digging is on a Dowson Pot instead. Dowson Pot is approximately 30m north of Parallel Passage chamber in Excalibur Pot, approximately 12-15m above the nearest cave passage in Excalibur. At least it keeps the pounds off over the Christmas period until the improved weather allows a return to Jenga and Excalibur.

10 October 2010

Digging at T’une Mouth

After being washed out of Jenga Pot by the start of the winter flooding, we have started digging at T’une Mouth above the River Dove. This is a small, mud-choked fossil phreatic cave similar to Lingmoor Cave near Excalibur. Digging is easy going for now.

29 September 2010

Further progress at Screek

After a little digging a further 20m of passage has been gained at the end of Screek, into a clean washed cobbled area which closes down again with great digging potential.

16 September 2010

New directions at Jenga Pot

After over a year of pursuing digging at two parallel crossrifts at Jenga Pot, heading to the west, attention has now focused on a newly discovered crossrift heading east beneath the entrance, towards the main overland sink. The going is difficult due to the instability and hard labour hauling buckets, but we have regained a draft and the path of flood water.

26 June 2010

Wilsdon Way and Ernie’s Inlet connected

The Excalibur Pot survey suggested a distance of only 3m between a narrow fissure in Ernie’s Inlet and Wilsdon Way. During an earlier trip a vocal connection was made although the connection was too small for any of us to pass! During a trip with members of Shepton Mallet Caving Club on 26th June, one thin and bendy member, Michael Butcher took on the challenge, chiselling through with a rock to gain precious extra millimetres of space! After nearly half an hour of struggling through only three metres of passage from Wilsdon Way, he finally popped out into the top end of Ernie’s Inlet! The connection has been named ‘Butchers Squeeze’.

10 June 2010

Corner Sink progress

After two months digging, we are 4m down at Corner Sink, and despite the continued draft we have hit narrow rifts with no obvious voids to point us the way on. Digging here is on hold in favour of continued work at Jenga Pot and Excalibur.

13 April 2010

Digging at Corner Sink

Following the observation of a small amount of water sinking only 200m upstream of Excalibur at a minor sink site, we have commenced a dig. Based on the survey, the water sinking here has only 30m to travel southwards to enter the top end of the Excalibur main stream passage. The dig has been preliminarily named Corner Sink and drafts strongly.

28 March 2010

Mystery streamway heard down Screek Passage

During a digging session at the remote end of Screek Passage in Excalibur Pot, and during a much wetter period than the previous explorations, a significant volume of flowing water was heard through one of the holes in the floor at the very end of the passage (see Descent 213). Hopes are high for the discovery of more passage here.

25 February 2010

Excalibur Pot access agreed

Excalibur Pot lies on a private estate, however, the landowner has kindly agreed to allow controlled access for cavers via a CNCC permit system. Information on how to apply for a permit can be found on the Council of Northern Caving Clubs website or by contacting us.

20 November 2009

Excalibur Survey available

The survey of Excalibur is now finished and can be purchased via our shop on this website or by contacting us.

15 September 2009

Entrance built for Jenga Pot

After a weekend work with a cement mixer and lots of manpower, Jenga Pot now has a concrete entrance which will help it withstand the full force of the impending winter flood. Further work will be required at a later date to raise the outer wall and add an entrance trapdoor. Digging at Jenga is ongoing and remains at an approximate depth of 18m.

29 June 2009

Guinevere’s Slit discovered

Following minimal digging members of Scarborough Caving Club have opened up a sink in the River Dove and found a short, but spacious section of river passage which sumps up and downstream. Not much hope for further dry passage but diving may be rewarding and might provide a route into the same sumped passage found by Jerry Gibbs under The Well over a decade ago.