Wrysgan Slate Mine level 6 adit to level 1 adit

19 February 2014

Posted by
David Willis

Excellent trip, though i wasn't a fan of the climb up the mining cart winch... don't look down i remember thinking, :-s anyway seeing the gear box and engine for the winch at the top within the housing area and then some outbuildings, wow suddenly things started looking promising. We made our way down one of the entrances, and climbing into the mine, well the drop down didn't look that far, but at the bottom looked like a shear drop of a couple of meters, we explored this level before deciding the way forward was to brave a traverse against the slope (luckily a chain was present to hold onto).

exploring each level as we saw fit to (some collapses....recent) we made our way to the water adit (well running water, not flooded!), when we came across a small tunnel leading to another adit, we clambered down and found that the steel rope we'd been holding onto simply went down a slope and not attached, we pondered to try and make it to the other side or to return back to the higher adit.

Well we decided it was too risky without any SRT or rope with us so returned.

When we left by the lower adit, i had completely lost my bearings where we were outside, before looking over the valley and thinking, that looks lovely but familiar, our trip through cwmorthin the day before, when we made our way down the steps to the miners rememberance garden and an old workhouse or pumping station, the floor didn't look in the best of health so viewing from a distance inside was a must!

We traversed the bridge... crumbling bridge that is, and with the rain from the day before, what was a stream was a torrent at this point, hold on tight!! Eventually making our way back to the cars and grabbing a coffee.