Marilyn Pot

6 March 2014

Posted by
David Willis

An good round trip, the entrance to Marilyn was quite a surprise, nice hefty gate. To say this was my first deviation trip was fairly easy (in the words of Mr Douthwaite - "to be nice and give you the shorter deviation haha").

Bit of loose material at re belay levels. Was great seeing the streamway not in full flow, but still a hefty amount of water, too which a pool present was enticing (if it were summer) to jump into but as it's in the single figures upstairs... maybe not! Made it to the last pitch, a wonderful flow of water present, it was decided not to venture any further :s with a thought of I'm OK going down that pitch with the waterfall.... but coming back up... hmm maybe not!! Again something for the summer time where the water might be a tiny bit warmer.

Loads of wonderful stalagmites and stalactites, and a fossilized area with the phrase "way blocked 10/11/1949". Coming back up was good, apart squeezing up through the pothole and finally getting out, hmm finding a way to climb out was interesting... with 2 others commenting on my split in a certain area.

"Mental note... must take flask next time ready for a warm brew on exit!!" :p