Notts Pot

29 August 2017

Posted by
Fleur Loveridge

The weather forecast was not as good as hoped; I had promised Lou a nice SRT trip in the dales and it was decided that Notts would be a good bet. Initial plans for an exchange were shelved at the last minute since our numbers were reduced by Matt eating too much macaroni cheese for breakfast and making himself ill......

First challenge was locating the entrance in foggy weather, but we managed to do so fairly easily in the end. Gary, Pete and I shared the rigging of left hand route, my preferred descent at the moment. Laura later commented that it was interesting to observe the differing styles employed by the three of us with my expedition tight rigging being notable. We made fairly swift progress through the cave without any difficulty or incident. Well, until I was rigging the penultimate pitch when I realised that the top pin on my stop was wobbling around rather disconcertingly. Luckily just one more small pitch to rig an then it was all jammers. We paid our dutiful respects to the sumps before heading out with Gary derigging. An efficient exit and back to the farm for tea and cake. A lovely day out.