Boxhead Pot

24 August 2009

Posted by
Gary Douthwaite

With our long-awaited permit for Boxhead pot, we arrived at the dales as it started to rain. Of course this is nothing unusual, especially for Leck Fell! So, being a load of wimps, we decided to pack the ropes INSIDE the car, having been too un-organised to pack them before we left York.

After wasting as much time as possible sitting in the car, hoping it would stop raining we made a dash for it and got geared-up. We made the short walk over to Boxhead and climbed down into the rather wet shake hole with an impressive plastic pipe sticking out. Ade started to rig the wet and rather awkward tube. We waited at the top listening to the expletives emanating from the tube and moaning about how wet it was. Things weren't looking good but we all gave it a go anyway. We made it down to to the top of the second pitch and Add went off to rig. Shortly, he appeared again, unable to find the way on so I took over making the descent down the even wetter second pitch. I decided that it was too wet to continue so told everyone to start heading out.

Rather annoyed that the day had been cut short, we thought we'd have a go at Lost Johns seeing as the permit covered that too. We split into two groups, Ade and Chad went off down Centipeed route while Matt, Laura and myself did the center route. We rattled down and met up with the others at the bottom in excellent time, made the exchange and headed out.

Not quite the day we had planned but half of two caves makes for a good days caving. Boxhead is defiantly one to go back to when its dryer as it is quite an impressive entrance shaft.