Ogof Carno to Whale Chamber

7 July 2010

Posted by
Tash Durham

Having not caved for a year Ogof Cano was a fairly harsh reintroduction, including plenty of flat-out crawling, stomping and climbing not to mention incredible amounts of mud! Even with a slightly faded caving memory it felt like a very distinctive system (of which we only scratched the surface!).

The entrance tunnel was truly remarkable; we were in awe of the intricate brickwork and straightness of it - we could still see the light some 1700m in. The entrance crawl led to the first ladder (with a fairly exposed pitch head) and then onto the water. We were expecting neck deep water, and were rather relived to leave the water having barely breached base!

Our final destinations were 'knob alley' and 'whale chamber' which despite living up to their names, were not exactly breathtaking (unlike the dodgy looking rooves in some of the chambers!). Nevertheless an interesting, physical trip.