Robinsons Pot

4 October 2010

Posted by
Matt Ewles

A rather wet day saw the entire Dales in flood, and not surprisingly the river by Darnbrook Farm was a heavy torrent!

Nontheless we made quick progress down the entrance. This was an unusual descent, with the entrance being a manhole cover right underneath Darnbrook Farm, with the cave actually being underneath one of the rooms! Very unusual indeed (see photos!)

A superb and very unusual start to the cave all came to an abrup end when we arrived at the main stream passage, with the low crawl going downstream into the bigger sections. This was very wet indeed, with only a few inches airspace. Andy V bravely went through, but got completely soaked, and given the likelihood of water levels to be rising rather than falling, we declined to continue the trip.

A real shame to not be able to fully explore this cave, especially as permits are so difficult to get.