Ogof Draenen to Sendero Luminosa

17 January 2011

Posted by
Richard Gover

An amazing trip. Fired up with enthusiasm after hearing about Mark, Andy V and Jennie visiting some of the far reaches last March we decided to visit War of the Worlds. A long (5h40 in, 5h out) trip, but not too demanding - just lots and lots of cave. The formations in Sendero Luminosa off War of the Worlds North are incredible. WOTW passage is awe inspiring - second biggest after the Time Machine in Daren, but arguably more impressive as it is straighter and more consistently massive. Other great formations including the Snowball (Gypsum ball the size of a football) and the Washing Machine.

Since getting back and looking at the photos of Cantankerous Surveyors Passage, I itching to get back and go there.