Ireby Fell Caverns

16 June 2011

Posted by
Matt Ewles

Not the most delightful weather for early June, but we arrived at Masongill at a very efficient 11am, in rain and cold wind. However, the rain was only forecast to be light, and it had been very dry recently, so we happily headed off down the traditional route of Ireby Fell.

We rattled down the cave with reasonable efficiency and on down to Duke Street. I had forgotton how nice the stream passage (which was more or less dry today) was, such a great stomping passage before you get to Duke Street, the ultimate reward for your SRT efforts.

After a snack at the Duke Street sump, we started out. We were going to have a potter along to Duke Street II, but after a recent warning in Descent about not using the fixed ropes, we opted against this.

We had an extremely efficient trip out, arriving on the surface for 5:30pm after about 5.5 hours underground.