Gaping Gill

24 November 2011

Posted by
Matt Ewles

We had a failed attempt at Dihedral as we got down about 40m and swung into a rift which we thought to be the way on, however, we soon found it not to be. An in-situ traverse line lead along to a P-bolt on a tiny ledge (psossibly the Mouse Hole in Rat Hole? Either way, it was wrong). However, by the time we realised we'd gone wrong, Gary, Steve and I were already down and in the traverse with nowhere to get out of the way of Gary (who was rigging). It would have been awkward to re-rig and continue downwards to the ledge 20m below, which I think is where we should have descended to in the first place. I was also getting the jitters at the enormity of the place, and being on brand new wet rope my rack wasn't offering the kind of friction I would have preferred. I was very happy to call it off and return another day.

We headed out and we instead completed a very enjoyable Bar Pot to Stream Passage Pot exchange.