Little Hull Pot

29 May 2012

Posted by
Debbie Flowers

What a glorious day!

The trip itself was brilliant. As someone who hasn't caved very often in the past few years, especially SRT trips, it was a shock to the system as some of the pitches are rather exposed. I needed to quickly learn to trust myself and my gear again!!! However, this momentary panic and fear led to a fabulous adrenaline rush and sense of achievement when completed.

The pitches really were spectacular. Not too wet, and brilliant hangs down into the chamber. We later met the rifty part, which wasn't too bad, and I'm pleased to say I could fit through the tight bypass of the wet crawl without any problem :-) Ade, Matt and I got vaguely lost later on in another rift as we couldn't figure out how high to be. When I say lost, I really mean just exploring the scenery....

Because I was vaguely freaked out on the descent, I was a little nervous about prussicking up what in my head had turned into 100m pitch. I didn't look up while ascending, and after a decent length of time, I thought, ok, I must be about half way by now. One more prussick and my head hit the top deviation a metre or so from the top of the pitch! A nice surprise.

After a glorious and exhilarating trip filled, we emerged from the darkness into the beautiful sunlight and warmth, and meandered down with wonderful scenery all around, and headed to for a well deserved curry and a pint.

Fun times!