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Bogg Hall Cave (Rising)


Bogg Hall Cave, also known as Spring Head, has been a known active rising for many years. Water flows from the low sumped entrance throughout the year into the River Dove about 200m north of Keldholme It was not until 1981 when Shackleton and Griffiths of the Cave Diving Group passed sump one to emerge in an airbell. Then in October of the same year Richard Wilsdon and Neil Hanan of Scunthorpe Caving Club passes sump two and explored 200m of river passage terminating at a deep sump pool called The Font.

In 1998 Scarborough Caving Club began work to create a dry entrance at one of the higher avens just beyond the sumps. This entrance became known as ‘Oh My Ears and Whiskers’ on account of its location at the foot of a tree, and it allowed for the first time access to the cave for non divers.

With a dry entrance in place, several digging attempts were made at an area of collapse beyond The Font and, although some passage was gained, hope was lost and the dig was abandoned. In the years that followed, The Font was dived by various people and the limit of exploration remains at a depth of around 18m, at which point the upward force of the water through a narrow descending passage prevents further progress.

Bogg Hall Rising is the resurgence for Guinevere’s Slit and other sinks in the River Dove, plus Excalibur Pot and Jenga Pot, with the water from each of these appearing to take their own course down the valley and then merging somewhere before reaching The Font.

Bogg Hall is a superb afternoon trip for caves with 5mm wetsuits. A trip down to The Font should take no more than an hour and is guaranteed to provide one of the most enjoyable and memorable short trips underground, especially on a nice sunny day.

Current work at Bogg Hall

Bogg Hall has been more-or-less abandoned as a dig. The huge area of collapsed blocks beyond The Font provides some potential for further passage, however, the amount of work that would be required, combined with the difficulties of transporting gear through the almost sumped passages of The Drain present excessive challenges.

Much of our recent work has been with the aim of gaining a greater understanding of the route of water from the Hutton Beck and River Dove sinks to Bogg Hall, and where these two subterranean watercourses meet.


A survey of Bogg Hall can be found in Moorland Caver and Descent 53. Bogg Hall has recently been re-surveyed (to obtain a higher grade) by YCC members Matt Ewles, Gary Douthwaite and Nick Warburton. This survey can be purchased from the shop.


Bogg Hall may be accessed without prior arrangement, although to help maintain good relations with the residents of Keldholme, please park and approach the cave as detailed in the navigation guide below and be discrete when changing.

Navigation guide

Click here to download a guide for a visit to Bogg Hall Cave (pdf).


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