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Jenga Pot


Approximately 400m downstream of Excalibur Pot in Hutton Beck lies another sink at which a substantial volume of water is swallowed in flood. Soon after the discovery of Excalibur, work started at this sink. The new dig soon acquiring the name of Jenga Pot in testimony to the stacked boulders down the excavated entrance rift.

Digging at Jenga Pot occupied us for five year! During this time we opened up the large natural rift below the entrance (which was plugged with mud but with the removal of a few rocks the water did the rest of the hard work). From the bottom of this rift a short horizontal tube was enlarged to reach two parallel rifts. Several routes onwards from these occupied us for most of 2009-2011 until eventually they all became untenable.

Since the day we started digging and throughout the entire project Jenga produced a substantial draft. This combined with the large volume of water swallowed here gave us the motivation to keep digging. The water resurges with the Excalibur Pot water at Bogg Hall Rising, yet Jenga is at least 300m from the Excalibur Pot main streamway. There was therefore huge potential for another substantial system.

The full story of the digging at Jenga Pot can be found in our first journal.

In late 2012 after a short break to pursue other projects we returned to Jenga to push one possible continuation. Mining down a new rift occupied us through winter 2012 and by March with the winter floods subsiding we reached a block choked aven. Mining down this aven through March and April 2013 eventually reached a phreatic tube leading off at floor level and our years of hard graft were finally rewarded.

Current work at Jenga

Exploration and surveying of the new cave is currently ongoing. A full report with the survey is planned for a future issue of Descent Magazine.


A full survey will be made available as soon as it is completed.


Jenga lies on a private estate and there is no access except for our digging team. If you would like to accompany us to see Jenga then please get in touch.


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