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Mr Sparkler's Glory (MSG) Hole


One of our fellow diggers from the North York Moors Caving Club, Richard ‘The Farrier’ Edwards was made aware of a new hole that had opened up in the Ryedale area during early 2011 when a wheel broke through the surface. The hole was explored and anchors were installed on the various pitches by members of NYMCC and York Caving club over the weeks that followed.

Current work

MSG Hole is very extensive indeed and is one of the largest windypits in the North York Moors. It is reminiscent of Old Fat and Past It Pot in Dalby Forest. The cave is an east/west slip rift running for exactly 100m along the Old Byland side of the Rye valley. There are several very large chambers, and an impressive 14m main pitch as well as three shorter pitches. The cave terminates at the impressive Straw Chamber.

We had several plans to push both ends of the Windypit, unfortunately, soon after the completion of surveying, the temporary fence surrounding the entrance was blown over, and several sheep were lost into the hole. The landowner has understandably capped the entrance meaning no further work has been performed since.


Surveying by York Caving Club members Matt Ewles, Gary Douthwaite and Laura Bennett is now complete. Contact us if you would like a copy of the survey.


The entrance has been capped and there is unfortunately no access to MSG Hole for the foreseeable future.


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