T'une Mouth


SE 7075 8670


Also known as Youan Mouth (or more informally, The Gob), T’une Mouth is a classic mud-choked abandoned phreatic cave several metres above the west bank of the River Dove, 200m from the village of Keldholme. When this cave was first discovered it was only several metres long and an animal den.

T’une Mouth received a short entry in Moorland Caver in 2003, but little further attention until 2010, when it came upon our radar as a good winter dig.

From 2010-2012, T’une Mouth was extended to approximately 15m long mostly by mining along a natural (phreatic) passage that was completely choked with glacial mud. No significant cavities have been found, however, the mud-choked water-worn passage continues. The potential for significant breakthrough seems low. The potential for undermining the farmed field above if we progress too much further seems high, so T’une Mouth has been discontinued as a dig.

The full story can be found in our second journal, see below.

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