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Thursday December 31st 2009

Devis Hole Mine

Gary, Matt E, Richard G, Nikki, Ade, Chuck, Tash

Matt E wrote...

An excellent trip that didn't look like it was going to happen!

We had an early start and John, Gary, Ade and I met up with Rich, Nikki and Tash up near snowy Leyburn. We found that the road between Leyburn and Reeth (which the mine is near) was closed at the Leyburn end due to snow drifts, so as a last resort we headed over to the Reeth end of the road via na alternative and equally treacherous route. The road was closed from both ends, but a snowplough and gritter had just been through, so ignoring the warnings we headed up the hill.

Approaching from Reeth, you part in the obvious dirt area (well, usually dirt when not covered by 1-2ft of snow!) on the right about 500m up the road from Grinton after the hairpin bend. We got up to the parking area OK, and it was a fine day and the hills were covered with snow. We headed up towards the mine, following the main footpath (only visable thanks to the existing footprints). About 200-300m pastthe derilict building, head off the path to the right hand side down towards a cluster of small trees. Walking in this area became rather exciting, as the 1.5ft high grass had been topped with 1.5ft of snow, and so we were up to our waist in snow! A short search located the entrance, only 50m up the right hand valley with small stream past the cluster of trees.

Gary and I had done Devis with the Moldywarps the previous christmas and so we made quick progress to Pearsons sump, a 50ft ladder pitch down to the lower workings. The entrance area was a little delicate and is in immenant danger of collapse! We rigged the ladder off the variety of in-situ tat and rusty hangers, backing up many times! From the bottom we continued on along the left hand branch towards the entrance to the natural cave section. Thanks for the survey in the MSG Journal no.12 we easily navigated through the maze. We then made quick progress down to Grafitti Corner via some very dodgy areas of collapse where very delicate manoeuvering is necessary! We then turned around, as we wanted to be back in time for Laura's new year party.

As we exited at 4pm we caught the last of the daylight, however it soon darkened and started snowing again quite heavy so we hurriedly got changed in fear of getting stuck in the snow! We got down to the Leyburn to Bedale road just in time, as the snow suddenly turned torrential - another hour down Devis and we might have been spending the night down there!

A great trip, with so much more to explore while it is still accessible - the entrance probably hasn't got long left!

9th January 2010

Matt Ewles

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