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Saturday March 27th 2010

Tatham Wife Hole

Matt E, Gary, Nikki, Nick

Matt E wrote...

A pleasant and uncomplicated trip down Tatty Wife. Parking at the quarry layby, we headed straight up the hillside and towards the scar of the Tatham Wife Fault, in line with the lower slope of Ingleborough where the shakehole is found at the far end of the scar (my first trip there several years ago involved several hours wandering around a foggy moor). A reasonable amount of water entered, and I would say the cave was moderately wet, although scum suggested it had recently been much higher. We rattled down the cave, pausing only to allow another exiting group past at the duck (which didn't matter really as we went over the top). The SRT route over the duck is quite awkward and time consuming to rig and derig, and in future I think we'll probably just do the duck! Nick and Nikki headed out first stopping only to take the full tacklesack, and Gary and I followed closely behind, with us all getting out before 6pm (total time underground approximately 5 hours) with enough daylight to get down the hill and get changed. Overall, a very enjoyable trip.

28th March 2010

Matt Ewles

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