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Saturday May 29th 2010

Cullaun Five

Thomas, Matt E, , Gary, Chuck, Chad, Cat

Cat wrote...

I'm fairly sure the Selected Caves description for this cave was written by a very short person, as we very much disagreed with the statements of "walking-sized" canyons. The cave caused quite a bit of back-ache and was relatively uninspiring until near the end where we found some very impressive gour pools in some of the oxbows. Red Carpet Passage was also quite nice. Deciding not to bother going any further we turned around and headed back to the ladder pitch. Chuck, Tom, Chad and John ended up going the wrong way and followed Hunchback Horror for quite a way, not hearing my shouts that they were a bunch of numpties; serves them right for not bothering to wait for the rest of us! We exited the C5b entrance in the forest to avoid having to return through the nastiness between there and C5. Now covered in mud, we went for a splash in Cullaun 2 to clean off a bit.

4th June 2010

Catherine Moody (Cat)

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