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Journal of York Caving Club & North York Moors Caving Club
Number 2: 2010 to 2013

Following the success of our first journal, only three years more work in and around the North York Moors have proved very exciting for the two clubs. At 118 pages, this journal is also a lot longer than the first one and covers a bigger range of exploration work including: further explorations in Jenga Pot and Excalibur Pot, Bogg Hall Rising, newly discovered MSG Hole, Rosedale Mines, Gundale, hydrology and water testing as well as a host of other smaller projects.

Full colour once again but this edition is printed to a higher standard and wire bound for added quality.

Reviewed in Descent Magazine 241 (December 2014)

ISSN: 2055-3471 - Paperback, 118 pages.

£9.50 (+ £2.00 p&p)

Excalibur / Jenga Pot Survey

Fully updated for 2014 with several new discoveries since the 2009 version, most notably the addition of Jenga Pot and Screek in Excalibur.

Surveyed by York Caving Club & North York Moors Caving Club to BCRA Grade 5d. The Excalibur / Jenga Pot survey shows around 2.5 km of cave passage and is laser printed on A0 120gsm.

The survey can be supplied either folded in a rigid A4 envelope (which will fit through a letter box if you're not in) or rolled in a postal tube if you don't want any creases.


Journal of York Caving Club & Scarborough Caving Club
Number 1: 1980s to 2010

This is the first journal of York Caving Club and Scarborough Caving Club (now the North York Moors Caving Club). Laser-printed and comb bound, with survey images and colour pictures throughout, this journal aims to not only tell the story of several discoveries, but also to recreate the excitement of digging.

Forwarded by Pete Ryder, one of the founders of exploration in the area, the journal documents many of the big discoveries and explorations over the last 30 years, including Bogg Hall Rising, Old Fat and Past It Pot, The Well, Kirkdale Cave, and more recently, Excalibur Pot, using a combination of dig reports and personal memoirs. A complete guide to Excalibur is included, along with a diary of our recent work down Jenga Pot, where we are now on the trail of a potential new master cave!


ISSN: 2046-049X - Paperback, 74 pages.

£8.00 (+ £2.00 p&p)

Journal Number 1 + 2

Buy both journal 1 and 2 covering over 30 years of exploration in the North York Moors for a discounted rate.

£16.00 (+ £3.00 p&p)

Bogg Hall Cave Survey

Re-surveyed in 2010/2011 by York Caving Club to BCRA Grade 5d. The survey is printed on A3 paper and folded into quarters for postage or also available as a PDF which will be emailed to you.


MSG Hole Survey

Discovered by NYMCC members in 2011 and surveyed by York Caving Club to BCRA Grade 5d. The survey includes plan, elevation and cross-sections. It can be supplied printed on A3 paper or a digital image can be emailed to you.


Moorland Caver

A guide to the caves and windypits of the North York Moors.

This book was published in 2003 and written by Jerry Gibbs and Rick Stewart (two members of the then Scarborough Caving Club). It includes descriptions of most of the small caves and windypits of the North York Moors. Although the book is now a bit out of date (before the discovery of Excalibur Pot), it's still an interesting read.

ISBN: 095460590X - Paperback, 80 pages.

Unfortunatly this book is now out of print and we've sold all the coppies we had. As of recently you can still get hard coppies from Moore Books

You can also buy the Kindle version from Amazon - sales of this contribute to funding current digging projects.

We hope to procude a new updated version at some point.

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