Club Trips

YCC Trip History

Here you can see the list of pretty much all the trips YCC members have been on over the years. Members can also submit reports which will hopefully help others to avoid problems or just for some inspiration! Use the filters below to view by year or cave.

Sun 19th December 2021

Cote Moor Mine - Christmas YCC/NYMCC Trip

Adele, Adrian, Chris, Conor, David, Gary, Jerry, Living Joke, Livvy, Mark, Matt, Philip, Tegwen, Toby

Sat 4th December 2021

North Wales Slate Mines

Charles, Gary, Ian, Jerry, Livvy, Matt, Philip, Rachel, Tegwen, Toby, Will

Sun 14th November 2021

Rowten Pot

Gary, Matt, Toby

Sat 13th November 2021

Lost Johns > Monastery > Zig Zag Passage

Alistair, Conor, Gary, Livvy, Matt, Toby

Sun 8th August 2021

Ogof Draenen - Dollimore Series - Out of the Blue

Alistair, Charles, Gary, Livvy, Mark, Matt, Toby

Thu 1st July 2021

Slaughter Stream Cave

Adrian, Gary, Mark, Matt

Sat 26th June 2021

Boxhead / It's a Cracker exchange

Adrian, Gary, Livvy, Mark, Matt, Tash, Toby

Fri 28th May 2021

Meregill Hole

Alistair, Gary, Matt, Rachel, Toby, Will

Sat 17th April 2021

Mossdale Caverns

Alistair, Gary, Matt, Rachel, Toby, Will

Sat 10th April 2021

Stream Passage Pot > Flood Pot

Alistair, Conor, Gary, Ian, Livvy, Matt, Toby

Fri 25th December 2020

Marble Steps Pot

Fleur, Gary, Matt, Pete, Tash

Sun 20th December 2020

Lost Johns' Cave

Adele, Fleur, Gary, Matt, Pete

Sat 5th December 2020

Fossil Pot

Adele, Gary, Mark, Matt, Toby

Sun 30th August 2020


Charles, Gary, Laura, Callum Rushton, Keeley

Sat 29th August 2020

Ogof Draenen to The Snowball

Charles, Gary, Philip, Mark Rushton and Lynda

Sat 29th August 2020

Ogof Draenen to The Geryon

Matt, Rachel, Toby, Will, Livvy Golby-Kirk, Callum Rushton, Keeley

Tue 14th July 2020

Mossdale Caverns to The Kneewrecker Series

Adele, Mark, Matt

Sun 12th July 2020

Boundary Pot - County Pot via Mancunian Way, Molluscan Hall and Dismal Junction

Adele, Mark, Matt

Sat 11th July 2020

Curtain Pot

Gary, Mark, Matt

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Sun 14th June 2020

Deaths Head Hole - It's a Cracker Exchange

Aileen, Alistair, Mark, Rachel, Toby

Sat 6th June 2020

Bar Pot to Hallucination Aven

Alistair, Rachel, Toby, Will

Sun 8th March 2020

Shuttleworth Pot

Adele, Aileen, Fleur, Ian, John, Roisin Lindsay, Rowena Sheen, Mark (NPC), Callum (NPC)

Sat 7th March 2020

Notts Pot Exchange trip

Aileen, Fleur, Pete, Roisin Lindsay, Rowena Sheen

Sat 22nd February 2020

Knock Fell Caverns (2 trips)

Aileen, Fleur, Jerry, Laura, Philip, Tegwen, Toby

Sat 15th February 2020

Notts Pot Exchange trip

Adele, Adrian, Ian, Laura, Rachel, Tash, Toby

Sun 25th August 2019

Birks Fell Cave

Aileen, Fleur, Gary, Matt, plus some RRCPC members

Sun 25th August 2019

Penyghent Pot to Friday the 13th

Alistair, Rachel, Toby, Will

Sat 24th August 2019

Mossdale Caverns

Adrian, Gary, Matt, Adele Ward

Sat 24th August 2019

Birks Fell Cave

Alistair, Rachel, Toby, Will

Sat 24th August 2019

Hurnel Moss Pot

Aileen, Fleur