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YCC Trip History

Here you can see the list of pretty much all the trips YCC members have been on over the years. Members can also submit reports which will hopefully help others to avoid problems or just for some inspiration! Use the filters below to view by year or cave.

Sun 9th July 2017

New Goyden Pot

Gary, John, John, Josh, Laura, Matt, Toby, Jean-Luc Heath (YUCPC), John Holloway (ULSA)

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Sun 9th July 2017

Manchester Hole - Goyden Pot

Josh, Laura, Jean-Luc Heath (YUCPC), John Holloway (ULSA)

Sun 9th July 2017

Goyden Pot

Gary, John, John, Matt, Toby

Thu 29th June 2017

Cnoc Nan Uamh System (Cnockers)

Adrian, David, Josh, Rachel, Lots of others from YUCPC

Mon 26th June 2017

Uamh An Claonaite

Adrian, Gary, Jerry, Laura, Matt, Philip, Rachel, Adam Walmsley (YUCPC) and Matt Bouwman (YUCPC)

Sun 28th May 2017

Ogof Draenen to Dogleg Series

Aileen, Gary, Matt

Sat 27th May 2017

Agen Allwedd Up Turkey Inlet

Gary, Jerry, Matt, Philip, Tegwen

Sat 27th May 2017

Agen Allwedd to The Courtesan

Aileen, Rachel, Toby

Sun 14th May 2017

Knotlow Caverns via Climbing Shaft

Gary, Jerry, John, Matt, Tegwen

Sat 13th May 2017

Lathkill Head Cave , Mandale Mine and several other small caves

Chris, Gary, Jerry, John, Matt, Tegwen

Sat 6th May 2017

Fairy Holes (Weardale)

David, Fleur, Matt, Pete, Ursula Seddon

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Sun 23rd April 2017

Hagg Gill Pot

Aileen, Gary, Laura, Matt, Toby

Sat 22nd April 2017

Christmas Pot - Grange Rigg Pot

Aileen, Gary, Jack, Laura, Matt, Toby

Sun 12th March 2017

Brown Hill Pot

Fleur, Pete, Rachel, Toby, Josh Young and Adam Walmsley (YUCPC), Avelina

Sun 12th March 2017

County Pot Upper Trident, Main Line Passage, Mancunian Way and Manchester Bypass

Adrian, Charles, Gary, John, Matt, Mary Holder

Sat 11th March 2017

County Pot - Pool Sink

Adrian, Fleur, Gary, Matt, Rachel, Toby, Josh Young (YUCPC)

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Sat 18th February 2017

Alum Pot - Long Churn

Gary, Matt, Rachel, Toby

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Sun 15th January 2017

Rowten Pot

Gary, John, Laura, Matt

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Sat 31st December 2016

Ireby Fell Caverns

Adrian, Gary, Laura, Matt

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Sat 17th December 2016

Eskdale Mines - pre Christmas meal trip

Adrian, Chalky, Chris, David, Fleur, Gary, Jerry, John, Laura, Matt, Pete, Peter, Rachel, Richard, Tegwen, Various other mine enthusiasts

Sat 3rd December 2016

Cwmorthin Slate Mine

Aileen, Alistair, Chris, David, Fleur, Gary, Jerry, John, Margot, Matt, Rachel, Richard, Tegwen

Sun 11th September 2016

Black Shiver Pot

David, Fleur, Gary, John, Laura, Matt

Tue 16th August 2016

Sell Gill Holes

Andy, Jerry, John, John, Living Joke, Matt, Richard

Mon 15th August 2016

Diccan Pot

Gary, Jerry, John, John, Matt

Sun 14th August 2016

Little Hull Pot

Adrian, Gary, Jerry, John, Matt

Sun 7th August 2016

Boxhead Pot - Lost Johns Pot

Charles, Gary, Matt

Sat 16th July 2016

Robinsons Pot

David, Gary, John, Matt

Fri 24th June 2016

Faurnarooska Cave

John, Matt, Rachel, Tash, Joe Smith

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Thu 23rd June 2016

Cullaun One

Gary, John, Matt, Will, Adam Walmsley, Josh Young,

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Wed 22nd June 2016

Sea Kayaking (Galway Bay)

Adrian, David, Gary, John, Matt, Rachel, Tash, Will, Joe Smith, Josh Young, Adam Walmsley

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