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YCC Trip History

Here you can see the list of pretty much all the trips YCC members have been on over the years. Members can also submit reports which will hopefully help others to avoid problems or just for some inspiration! Use the filters below to view by year or cave.

Tue 21st June 2016

Doolin River Cave (St Catherines to Fisherstreet Pot)

Adrian, David, Gary, John, Matt, Rachel, Tash, Will, Joe Smith, Josh Young, Adam Walmsley

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Mon 20th June 2016

Poulnagollum - Poulelva

Rachel, Will, Adam Walmsley, Joe Smith

Mon 20th June 2016

Poulelva - Poulnagollum

Adrian, David, Gary, John, Matt

Sun 19th June 2016

Faurnarooska Cave

Gary, John, Matt, Tash, Josh Young

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Sun 19th June 2016

Cullaun Two

David, Rachel, Will, Joe Smith, Adam Walmsley,

Sun 15th May 2016

Hillocks Mine

Chris, David, Gary, John, Laura, Matt

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Sat 14th May 2016

Alderley Edge Copper Mines

Chris, David, Gary, Jerry, John, Laura, Matt, Mike, Rachel

Sat 23rd April 2016

Cow Pot - Lancaster Hole via Magic Roundabout

Cat, David, Gary, Laura, Matt, Philip Judson, Andy Vick

Mon 22nd February 2016

Agen Allwedd to Priory Road via Southern Stream

David, Gary, Matt

Sat 12th December 2015

Lease Rigg Whinstone Mine Christmas trip - caving by candle

Andy, Charles, Chris, Gary, Jerry, John, John, Laura, Matt, Nikki, Rachel, Richard, Richard, Will

Sat 5th December 2015

North Wales Slate Mines

Charles, Gary, Jerry, John, John, Margot, Matt

Fri 25th September 2015

St Cuthbert's Swallet

Adrian, Gary, Matt, Tash, Martin Grass (leader)

Sun 13th September 2015

Rift Pot (Allotment)

Adrian, Gary, Laura, Matt, Jean Brooksbank (NPC)

Sat 25th July 2015

South Llyn-y-Pandy / Rhyd Alyn Mine

Aaron, Cat, Charles, Chris, David, Gary, Jerry, John, Matt, Sprog, Andy Vick

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Sun 7th June 2015

Out Sleets Beck Pot

Gary, John, Matt, Rachel

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Sun 17th May 2015

Whitewell Pot, Whitewell Cave & Hell Hole

David, Gary, Laura, Matt

Sat 16th May 2015


David, Gary, Laura, Matt

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Mon 4th May 2015

Sidcot Swallet & Goatchurch Cavern

Charles, David, Gary, John, Matt

Sun 3rd May 2015

Reservoir Hole (to the Frozen Deep)

Charles, Matt, Paul (leader)

Sun 3rd May 2015

St Cuthbert's Swallet

David, John, Martin Grass (leader)

Sat 2nd May 2015

GB Cave (round trip via Devils Elbow)

Charles, Gary, Matt, Andy Gilmartin

Sat 2nd May 2015

Reservoir Hole (to the Frozen Deep)

David, John, Tash, Martin Grass (leader)

Fri 1st May 2015

Thrupe Lane Swallet (via High Atlas route)

Charles, Gary, John, Matt

Sat 11th April 2015

Ogof Draenen to The Geryon

David, Gary, John, Matt

Sun 5th April 2015

Washfold Pot

Gary, John, Matt

Sun 18th January 2015

Wizard's Chasm

Cat, Gary, Laura, Mark S, Matt

Sun 7th December 2014

Cwmorthin Slate Mine

Andy, Chris, David, Gary, Jerry, John, John, Laura, Margot, Matt

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Sun 21st September 2014

Gavel Pot

Gary, Matt, Nikki

Sat 20th September 2014

Newby Moss Pot

Gary, John, Laura, Matt

Sat 13th September 2014

Ibbeth Peril

Gary, Matt